Boost your Metabolism with IV Therapy

Boost your Metabolism with IV Therapy

There’s something about the summer weather that seems to suggest that achieving weight-loss goals is doable. If you're in the mood to knock off those winter kilos try boosting your immune system with IV Therapy. Your metabolism is key to keeping your weight under control. A vitamin infusion is a great way to get that boost efficiently and safely.

Metabolism boosting vitamins help our bodies burn fat and increase energy while detoxifying our vital organs and reducing hunger cravings. Weight loss IV therapy boosts your metabolism by supplying a combination of fluids, vitamins and essential amino acids:

Vitamin B increases energy while helping convert food into fuel. They are necessary for healthy metabolic and digestive function.

Glutathione is our body's most important antioxidant and helps the body remove free radicals.

Vitamin C deficiency can slow fat loss and add excess of belly fat.

Taurine is an amino acid found in the large intestine and is essential for fat metabolism.

Carnitine is critical for energy production. It helps metabolize carbohydrates, limiting fat storage.

Kick start your metabolism and increase your energy and hydration with Beautivy Medspa "DIET & DETOX". This functional IV injection provides replenishing fluid, vitamins, minerals, and amino acids to burn stubborn body fat, detoxify your body to eliminate unhealthy toxins, and boost energy.

Weight loss IV therapy is a safe and effective way to get the nutrients and fluids you need. Call our medical team at Beautivy Medspa to hear more about what IV infusions can do for you at  (800) 631-3822.

Dr. Spinner is certified by the American Board of Neurology (Neurology and Neurophysiology), Board of Headache Medicine (UCNS), National Board of Physicians and Surgeons (Internal Medicine) and the American Board of Sleep Medicine. Dr. Spinner believes that by providing comprehensive care with an integrated medical approach the best results can be achieved. Dr. Spinner will work closely with you to develop a customized and comprehensive treatment plan to resolve your symptoms and improve quality of life.

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