How IV Therapy Can Boost Your Immune System

How IV Therapy Can Boost Your Immune System

Even the strongest of immune systems could do with a boost at times. A quick and efficient way to optimize the functioning of your natural defense mechanism is with IV therapy. Here’s how IV therapy can boost your immune system:

Delivers Essential Micronutrients

The IV therapy is specially formulated to boost your immunity. It contains high doses of select vitamins and minerals that have a critical role to play in the functioning of your immune system.

Better Absorption

A well-balanced diet or immunity-boosting oral supplements may also contain these essential micronutrients. However, a significant portion, as much as 50%, may be lost during the digestive process for a variety of reasons. With IV therapy, the absorption of the vitamins and minerals is closer to 100%.

Faster Effects

As IV therapy bypasses the digestive system, the uptake of the micronutrients by the cells occurs very rapidly. The nutrients are used to maintain overall health and fight illness. Many patients report improvement in their energy levels and feeling rejuvenated even before the IV therapy is complete.


Headaches and fatigue because of not drinking enough water is a very common problem. The better hydration by IV therapy helps your body rid itself of harmful toxins and free radicals that impair your immunity by flushing them out of your system.

Boosting your immune system has never been more important than in today’s world. Call the specialists at North Suffolk Neurology to discuss your IV therapy options.

Dr. Spinner is certified by the American Board of Neurology (Neurology and Neurophysiology), Board of Headache Medicine (UCNS), National Board of Physicians and Surgeons (Internal Medicine) and the American Board of Sleep Medicine. Dr. Spinner believes that by providing comprehensive care with an integrated medical approach the best results can be achieved. Dr. Spinner will work closely with you to develop a customized and comprehensive treatment plan to resolve your symptoms and improve quality of life.

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