The Neurological Benefits of Vitamins

The Neurological Benefits of Vitamins

Are you struggling with a neurological disease? Are you looking to improve your cognitive function and memory? With the right combination of vitamins and supplements, you can significantly improve your brain health.

B vitamins in particular are known for supporting the nervous system. Vitamins B6, B9, and B12 are essential to keeping your brain healthy. Even if you don’t have a B vitamin deficiency, a boost of these vitamins can result in improved neurological health.¹

In addition to B vitamins, NAD, or nicotinamide adenine dinucleotide, is crucial to the nervous system. NAD is responsible for giving the cells nutrients and is essential to the function of our bodies and brains. Aging and neurological disease have been linked to low NAD levels, and increasing NAD improves neurological health significantly.²

So, how can you increase your NAD and B vitamins?

Beautivy Medspa "BRAIN HEALTH" IV treatment will send both NAD and B vitamins to your body. This vitamin drip enhances your brain performance, and produces results in improved focus, sharpness, and determination.

Beautivy Medspa "Neurogenerative NAD+" IV treatment is a great way to strengthen the nerves and improve the memory using NAD. This treatment will give you a large boost of NAD+, repairing the body and supporting brain function. Consider the "Neurogenerative NAD+" drip if you are aging and noticing loss in memory or are struggling with a neurological disease

Increasing your NAD and B vitamins will result in a healthier brain. If you are seeking a sharper mind and improved cognitive function, try a Beautivy Medspa treatment

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Dr. Spinner is certified by the American Board of Neurology (Neurology and Neurophysiology), Board of Headache Medicine (UCNS), National Board of Physicians and Surgeons (Internal Medicine) and the American Board of Sleep Medicine. Dr. Spinner believes that by providing comprehensive care with an integrated medical approach the best results can be achieved. Dr. Spinner will work closely with you to develop a customized and comprehensive treatment plan to resolve your symptoms and improve quality of life.

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