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Realtor Membership

Are you a Realtor on Long Island? Are you always wondering what you should you give your clients as a closing gift?

There is no better gift than the gift of Wellness, Health, Beauty and Relaxation!

Your clients are exhausted from moving and they have finally settled into their new home...

We have the perfect closing gift! Whether you helped your clients sell their home or find their new dream home, it's time for you to show them your appreciation for trusting you with such an important job!

How our Realtor Program works:

  • Sign up for our monthly membership for $99 per month (this can be used towards any services and you will only pay the difference depending on the amount of the service you chose).
  • You will get 20% discount towards any spa services and 15% from any skin care products.
  • If you are not using the membership towards any services for yourself, then you can send your clients, friends or family members for services and they can use your spa credit!
  • When any of your clients, friends or family members sign up for a membership, you will automatically receive a $50 spa credit for every membership referred by you.
  • Your spa credit is accumulative, meaning, if you don't use any services for 90 days, you can redeem your spa credit ($99 x 3 = $297) towards any spa services!
  • The best part, when you buy a closing gift for your client with us, you will get 15% of the amount of the gift card in spa credit in your account!
  • When your client comes in for a treatment, we will make sure that they will feel special. They will get a personalized note from you, a glass of champagne, apps of the day and a goodie bag with skin care samples to take home!
  • You will get your own referral code to share on social media with your network, and whenever someone books an appointment with your code you will get 10% spa credit towards your membership account!

At the end of the day, we offer so many benefits that the membership pays for itself! You can accumulate enough spa credits by referring us clients and get free services by just using your spa credit!